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Porsche 911 R-SPEC 🇺🇸

most exotic Porsche wheel ever made‼️

Based on the Lamborgini hurricane, we redesigned the wheel from ground up to give your Porsche 911 a unique feel and look that has never been seen before.

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“The best or nothing"

All our wheels go through rigurous quality check to provide your with the highest quality and durabilit surpassing OEM standard. This is why we are the only manufacturer to offer a 3 YEAR warranty.


Customer service

All our manufacturing is controlled in USA, we are a versatile company with the ability to react quickly to the most demanding customer needs.

Our mission is to exceed all expectation

 and provide you with with a steering wheel that you will enjoy every day.

Communication is what elite carbon creations is all about.



 “The best or nothing"

Passion is what drives Elite to continue to create new innovative milestones of what is possibl, turning ideas to realit, setting new standards at an affordable price.

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SALE‼️Corvette C7 R-spec🇺🇸


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SALE‼️Corvette C7 Carbon paddles🇺🇸


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For the very first time we are proud to offer our Corvette C7 Carbon paddles.

these are OEM Carbon paddles wrapped in top grade carbon fiber adding a unique touch to the already beautiful wheel. 

(price is with OEM paddl core return)

2017 SEMA sponsered Corvette c7


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